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Sunday, 12 November 2017

12th November, 2017..A wintry feel to Remembrance Sunday!

Beautiful blue skies this morning, but the garden thermometer was registering just above zero degrees! The crisp morning provided the perfect back drop for Barrow's annual Remembrance Day parade....and hundreds of people turned up to support, as always!

Haven't seen these in the park before...lovely little memorials!

Our parade was very well turned out, but seemed a little 'under-policed'?
The poor police man on the
Hibbert Road/Abbey Road junction was on his own trying to direct and re route traffic from all directions- I did wonder why anyone who knows the town would still be trying to drive down the areas of the parade even at 10.55am. As a teacher, I am very aware of my civic duty- requirement in fact- to educate children in the subject of 'British Values'. It is becoming a massive curricular area, but I do wonder if it has skipped a generation.

Anyhow- the parade and service itself was excellent, as always!

Hey Mr. Mayor, if you read this blog-you are invited to this year's Christmas Fair at Greengate!

Good to see our MP there too!

Stunning blue Triumph at the end of the parade!

You have to have a Hillman roast dinner after standing out in the cold, don't you!!!

What better to finish the day off than a brisk afternoon walk to Furness Abbey....

.....which looked stunning in the sparking sunshine!

Boots are out!!!

Many thanks to Abbey Mill's Jackie for donating some voucher raffle prizes for our up coming Christmas Fair!

Absolutely stunning down at Furness Abbey at the moment.....

And final mention to Gill this little treasure of a book from cover to cover and back informative- especially about our favourite Abbey!

Saturday, 28 October 2017

28th October, 2017...LOVE WHERE WE LIVE blog!

We kept our promise to ourselves and got out into nature every day this autumn half-term, so we've got some fabulous photos of our area (taken over the half-term week)....thought we'd share them in an impromptu blog....

...and rounded off with morning or afternoon tea at Abbey Mill Café....why would you go anywhere else!!!

So, in support of English Heritage....I've treated myself to this......

We are rested and now ready to hit the ground running with Christmas Madness season next week....

...with Broad Oaks, The Wild Boar and THIS!!!!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

25th October, 2017...Half-term History and some Cafe Catch ups!!

Where did that seven weeks's half term already and 'not a pot washed' as grandad Raymond would say!!!! It's now mid way through the half term week so we really HAD to get down to Furness Abbey.....

...and it's rather muddy underfoot down here!

And look how high the beck is compared to a few weeks ago...

...doesn't it look lovely though!!! And someone seems to have stocked one of the fields with about 200 Herdies!!!

They're only babies!!!

We sat and contemplated the world through the haze of afternoon tea at Abbey Mill Café...back there tomorrow for MORNING tea and a catch up...why wouldn't you!!!

We were lucky enough to see Barnard Castle and Durham Cathedral earlier in the week....

We thought we'd join the 'hen and stag' party throngs and have a night out in Durham town centre too!!!

Ventured to Beetham Nurseries and Café earlier in the week with the other 'senior' contingent of the family!

The SteveHillman Camera shot his first wedding at the Belsfield last weekend...very pleased with himself!!

Time to go and stay there I think!!